‘Intruder’ Review

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is, for all its faults, one of my favorite games. Adding up my time between that and its predecessor, Ground Zeroes, I’ve put in nearly ninety hours on the Fox Engine’s game’s. MGSV is amazing in the fact that it actually makes you feel like one of the super-soldiers it portrays. It’s fun, it’s engaging, it’s exciting… and the multiplayer sucks.

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Thoughts on the Streets of Rogue Alpha

Streets of Rogue, developed by Matt Dabrowski, came to my attention when I watched one of Super Bunnyhop’s latest videos. Before you go on, check that video out. It’s pretty spot-on in most places, but it doesn’t quite give the game the in-depth look that it deserves.

Now, given that roguelikes are not only my jam but also quite possibly my peanut butter and bread, I had to give the game a shot. What I expected was a top-down dungeon crawler themed around exploring the slums and shooting guns.

What I got was closer to Deus Ex, if it was made by lunatics.

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A Eulogy for Mad Catz

Everyone seemed to have one. They were the controllers that sat gathering dust in the cabinet while you used the controller that came with the system. You’d forget about them until a friend or younger brother showed up asking to play and then, as if summoned by an ancient and dark sorcery, they would appear: grotesque, bulging in strange places as if holding in an ancient and eldritch power, buttons stuck and joysticks overly sensitive. They came in all colors, all sizes, and for every system. They were the cause of fights, the oft-blamed reason for failure, and the utter confusion of every parent that ever bought one for their child.

They were as unusable as they were inescapable. And now, they are gone forever.

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If every company followed Microsoft’s naming conventions

Well, it’s official. Microsoft has topped their ridiculously-named Xbox One with their newly-announced Xbox One X. Previously referred to as “Project Scorpio”, this new Xbox is 4K-ready, and costs $499. I want to find the guy at Microsoft who named this console. I want to look him dead in the eye, shake his hand, and say “thank you for for making this so easy.”

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Eldritch’s movement mechanics, and the surprising strengths of Minecraft visuals

I picked up Eldritch on sale a few years ago. I was initially put off by its Minecraft-esque graphics, but Lovecraftian overtones and the promise of an engaging roguelike (or rogue-lite, if you’re a snob about these things) were enough to make me open my wallet – and I’ve got to say, I’m glad I did, because Eldritch is an underappreciated gem.

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