Brief Hiatus Announcement

Hey guys, thanks for sticking with this blog for the past few months! I’m having a great time writing it. However, I’ve just taken on a new position at work and I’ll be away from my computer for quite some time, so I’m announcing a few weeks of hiatus. There is, simply, too much to be juggling around at the moment, so this project is on the back-burners for a bit. No worries, though! I’ll be back before you know it.


Some Short Thoughts on Ready Player One

I love audiobooks. I mean, I really like ’em. My audible library tells me I’ve read close to sixty of them in the past year or two, which actually kind of terrifies me. Where did the time go? That’s hour after hour of spoken word. Dang. And the thing is, I’ve finished almost every single one of those books. I mean, I’m still working through the 62+ hour compendium of Sherlock Holmes stories, but I’ve almost finished everything.

Except for one book in particular, one book that pissed me off so much I had to put it down after only a few hours because I could barely contain myself… Ready Player One.

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Defending the Steam Controller and Steam Link

Back in November of 2015, Valve released their much-hyped new accessory, the Steam Controller, which was created to allow mouse-like controls so that video games that were originally created to be used with a mouse and keyboard could be used with a controller instead. Along with the Steam Controller came the Steam Link, which was more or less a wireless HDMI cord so you could play PC games on a TV. It could also be linked up with the Steam Controller so that you didn’t need to be right next to your PC in order for it to work.

It’s been nearly two years since these pieces of hardware were released. Now, the real question is: did they hold up?

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The Story of the Executed One

I was listening to El Fusilado by Chumbawumba the other day and it struck me that, though I thought the song’s story was neat, I had never actually fact-checked any part of it. I’ve listened to the song many times, and often wondered if it described real events or described an old story based on dubious fact.

What I found surprised me in a most satisfying way.

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You can’t win ’em all – a rant about tech support

I work tech support for an ISP, and I get calls from all over America from people asking questions, seeking help, or just plain looking for someone to chat with. One of the things I run into most are customers that call into my company and expect not to be helped. I can only assume that this is due to prior experiences with other tech support agents in the past, whether that’s with my company or another.

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