Jerk Knifepecs Spills the Beans

I woke up, kicking the sheets off the bed so hard that the comforter decapitated the first of my attackers. The other two, brandishing long curved knives, were momentarily taken aback by this sudden and unforseen display of violence. I turned that to my advantage as I picked up a picked up the stack of throwing stars I keep under my pillow and, in one swift movement, managed to lodge all 14 of them in one of my assailant’s throat.

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The Humanity Equation – Part 3

I usually drove just a little over the speed limit on the freeway. The lack of numbers didn’t phase me, at first – I had a plan. I was going to just match the numbers on the road signs with the ones in my car’s speedometer. I wouldn’t need to know what they meant, all I had to do was match shapes. I thought it was going to be simple. I thought this would be a non-issue. Square peg in the square hole, triangle peg in the triangle hole. Easy peasy.

What I didn’t count on was the other drivers.

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The Humanity Equation – Part 2

I forget who it was that shouted something about a “gas leak”, but the next thing I knew the fire alarm was ringing and I was being shuffled out the building by a herd of stampeding accountants. As I was flushed out of the building, I noticed several people staring intently at their phones. They all looked angry. One young woman actually shouted with frustration.

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