Splatoon 2 – First Thoughts

I spent over 60 hours playing the original Splatoon on the Wii U. I found the game’s control scheme to be intimidating, at first, but within an hour or two, it felt more natural than using an analogue stick. After overcoming that initial hurdle, the game opened itself up as one of the best shooters I’ve played in years, combining a fun, kid-friendly aesthetic with some serious strategy and competitive gameplay. Top that off with some of the best music to come out on any Wii U game and Nintendo had a recipe for success.

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Doyle and Houdini: A Strange Friendship

A few months ago, I was listening to an audiobook of the entire compendium of Sherlock Holmes stories, as narrated by Stephen Fry. The stories themselves are, I find, a bit dryer than I was expecting, considering all the media that has featured the detective since, but Fry’s narration does wonders for the text. I found myself pulled in and enthralled by the cunning exploits of Watson and Holmes.

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How Do You Make Playing As A Zombie Fun?

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, zombie games have become a fixture in video game culture. All the way back to the Atari 2600, zombies have been used as video game for a variety of reasons. They’re slow, predictable, and you can set whole swarms of them on a player to create a seriously scary atmosphere. On top of all that, skilled players can show off their proficiency with headshots, turning enemies into a gory display of controller prowess.

So, who in their right mind would want to actually be one of these walking monstrosities?

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The Story of the Executed One

I was listening to El Fusilado by Chumbawumba the other day and it struck me that, though I thought the song’s story was neat, I had never actually fact-checked any part of it. I’ve listened to the song many times, and often wondered if it described real events or described an old story based on dubious fact.

What I found surprised me in a most satisfying way.

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Why I can’t put down The Binding of Isaac

Have you ever tried to shovel snow that’s already piled up to your shoulders? I have. It’s something that everyone in New England has to get through once or twice in their life. It’s a frustrating experience, because you’re so deep into your situation already that the actual physical process of scooping the snow up becomes very hard to manage. The toughest part is actually getting the first scoop of snow onto the shovel, because there’s already so much snow in the way.

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